My day today…

Hello guys, today I’m not as Happy and excited as everyday but still I decided to tell you what happened…

Today I got ready to leave for school as it was my SA1 exam. I left my house and waited there for my bus to come and pick me up. My bus came and I entered it and sat on my permanent place. I usually sit on the last seat.

On the way me and my friends were singing random songs and ‘BOOM

My bus met an accident…

My friends are seriously injured. My best friend’s hand is broken and doctor said that there is something wrong with her backbone, so she can never stand. Her wish was to become a dancer but unfortunately she can never be.

I have my left leg broken and my head is continuously bleeding as I crashed into a seat handle.

I hope that everything becomes alright and some miracles happen so that my friend could at least stand…


One thought on “My day today…

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