Our Abnormal Lives…

Hey guys, wadup? Today is the first day I’m posting twice a day!

I decided to talk to you about our feelings. 

Guys, you know we all have feelings, and we all are treated wrong with people who we treat right? Ain’t we?Be honest and ask yourself, I know you are.

I am always in a confusing situation about who is right for me.

I have 2 best friends, but I don’t feel secure and free with them. I feel caught up and insecure. But I’m more secure and free with other girls.

And guys I understand you, that’s why I pour down my feelings in my posts and share with you.

I know many of you won’t be liking my blog but two people can look at the same thing differently. All I can say is ‘Do what you feel right, do what pleases you.’

Guys, life is like a roller coaster, it’s your choice to enjoy the ride or scream.

And I keep on saying that do not break someone’s heart who trusts you. You know how it feels when you’re treated wrong. Treat world like you want to be treated. But you always don’t get what you deserve, so keep trying till you get it.

My motto for true friends is, ‘Be true to me or be far from me, it’s your choice.’

Find people who are like you, not like people who keep on hurting you. 

I don’t post things that I think is wrong, and it’s your choice to follow it or not.

It’s enough for today. Sorry for boring you. Hahaha

Enjoy your lives and don’t forget to smile…


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