Daily Prompt: Hike for Life!

via Daily Prompt: Hike

Hiking gives us pleasure and is beneficial for health. We leave out tension, work lodes and actually feel free.

In 2015, I went hiking with my friends. I was pleasured by the beauty and got to know more about nature. The hiking provided us a lot of physical and mental exercises.

India is full of beautiful beautiful hiking sites. I was amazed by the beauty of India, I lived in India from my childhood and never knew that India could be so beautiful.  Image result for parvati parvat

We went hiking to Parvati Parvat. Our trip was completely planned. Our group was made up of 6 friends, 4 boys and 2 girls. We decided to visit The Christ Church in the Ridge Shimla by local bus. The Christ Church is beautiful inside-out.Image result for the christ church shimla

Our next destination was Jakhn Temple which is located 2 km away from the Ridge. The Temple was built where Hanuman (a Hindu-God) left his foot prints.We stayed at the temple for an hour and then had lunch at the famous Indian Coffee house.

We went to the Indrahar Pass Trek. It was very challenging. We enjoyed the hike!! Its maximum elevation was 5242 mt. We were hiking there for 7 days. Indrahar pass trek begins from Dharamsala in the Kangra valley and the present residence of the Dalai Lama. After crossing the Dhauladhar range it ends right in Lamu in the Ravi River Basin. The trek passes through deodar forests, wonderful landscapes and meandering mountain streams. The Lahesh cave, which is at the base of Indrahar pass, is also an attraction during this trek. Crossing some snow bridges one arrives at the Kuarsi valley. The trek ends in Chambha. We were just about to finish when one of our friend was fainting. We just stopped there and gave her some energy boosters. And after that we just made it! We know the challenging level and difficulty we had, but it was amazing to reach the top.

Then after having some break at the resort, we decided to walk down the mall. We brought many things for ourselves and then flew back to Maharashtra.

We enjoyed our trip a lot..

Our journey ends here…

Image result for the ridge shimla

I hope you liked it. Best wishes..


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