My Life as a BELIEBER!

Hey! How’s life going guys?? Hope you all are doing great in your life and walking towards success. But you know guys, my life is all different from yours, all different.

My life, my world. Made me smile in worst days, and the only person who makes me smile and cry together.

Guys, My life is all about a boy, a boy who is flawless and perfect, a boy who used to smile no matter what, a boy who has smile that only heaven could make.

He is my only love, my first and last love. I love him a lot. My life is dedicated to him.

He is my Kidrauhl.

He is my Justin.

I remember how he became a part of my life. I am an Indian, and I never lived with my parents. I am living with my grandparents and my momma’s bro and his wife. As I am Indian, I was never into Hollywood, not even a bit. I did not know even a single Hollywood celebrity. But one day I was going through all the songs in my computer, and then I came across a song ‘Boyfriend’. I thought that the title seems cool and I should try a Hollywood song for once. I played the video and I was amazed by the look of Justin Bieber. The way he danced, the way he looked, the way he sang was just amazing. And I never thought that a boy could ever be so flawless and perfect.

Then I thought to check his biography on net. I saw his images, his songs, his biography and albums.

Then I started listening to many other artists and started watching English movies. I got to know Selena Gomez, Adele, One Direction and many more. But I couldn’t find anyone like Justin.

Then I started doing research on Justin’s past life and his relationships. I got to know about him a lot. I started reading facts about him.

Then that day came when I was mad for him. I was knowing everything about him. I couldn’t imagine a Life without him.

And yeah, I was only 10 years old when I became a Belieber. I’m a Belieber from 2014.

I want to tell you about a special day. I was just wondering about Justin, and suddenly I got an idea of becoming an official Belieber. But I was thoughtless about how I’d get the official Belieber’s Id card. So I managed to download some Justin Bieber’s Official Id card images. Then I installed an app called ‘Text on Images’. Then all I did was filled the card with the help of the app, took the print-out and laminated it.

My Belieber Id-card…

 Now I was so happy that I stated showing my Id-card to everyone, and everyone were getting mad about how I got it.

I was so happy that day.

And I was always bullied as I was a Belieber. People used to say that Justin is a gay and doesn’t know how to sing. But all I did was shout at them or tell them that there are more than 18 people named Justin Bieber in the world and stayed cool. And there is nothing that bothers me about the haters because Justin and Beliebers know the truth and other’s opinion does not matter.

And now I started doing song challenges, facts challenges, and many other challenges with other Beliebers.

And now was the time when I met Directioners. I hated them like hell. They used to show off a lot. They did not know anything about 1D and showed as if they knew more than 1D knew about themselves.

And directioners used to tell me bad about Justin and I was just ignoring them like they were like dogs barking.

They once told me that Justin peed  in a mop bucket. But this time I was not quite, I told them that even Harry Styles peed on a plant and it was just taken as a joke and when Justin peed on a mop bucket then why is it taken as a huge-huge mistake as if he did murder of someone? Why is it that if someone else does a mistake, it is taken lightly and if the same mistake is done by Justin, it is taken as a crime? But I know him very well and he is a human, he can make mistakes like everyone else.

Justin smokes weed not because he is a bad person, but because of all the hate he gets from the haters. How would you all feel if the whole world will hate on you?? Try to understand him. But he is not alone in this hate. We are with him. We will go through the hate with him. And now his smile is fading away, he used to smile everytime when he was young, and now his smile is missing. I miss his smile. We Beliebers will bring back the Kidrauhl smile. I PROMISE.

So this is how my day passes thinking about Justin and fighting off haters.

Hope you liked it…

Best wishes…


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