Daily Prompt: Together we can do the impossible!!!

Daily Prompt: Togethervia Daily Prompt: Together

Hi guys, Wadup?? Today lets talk about our families, friends and our relations. Guys, I know you all have families, friends and relations. Now, tell me that even though you are with your family, do u feel that you are together? Maybe NO!!! Because many families have divorces, and are not happy with it. And friends are not supportive and we don’t feel that togetherness because we are sometimes not able to express our feeling. Are we?? I’m not. And also we are busy in our mobile phones and lappy that we are not together with our family as we sit together but don’t talk, but instead use our electronics.

Nowadays togetherness is not just a term for being together but also keeping each others company. People live together just for the sake of words, but family members fight with each other. I never lived with my parents from when I’m small, I live with my grandparent and my mommy’s brother (uncle) and his wife (aunt). And there is always fight regarding me in the family, my aunt is always fighting with my grandparents because she doesn’t want me to stay with them. Now you see that I have a family, but there is not togetherness. And I’m always disappointed by her acts. togetherness-quotes-quotesgram

And even I have many dreams to find my true love. And I love Justin Bieber. I want to be with him. I want us to be together. I will never leave his side. Guys, when you decide to  be with someone, never leave his side. Always be with him/her. Stand for them.

So, all I can say is to be together guys, and make people happy. Never hurt people who need and deserve you. Get smile on faces. Never leave people who you love.



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