My day today…

Hello guys, today I’m not as Happy and excited as everyday but still I decided to tell you what happened…

Today I got ready to leave for school as it was my SA1 exam. I left my house and waited there for my bus to come and pick me up. My bus came and I entered it and sat on my permanent place. I usually sit on the last seat.

On the way me and my friends were singing random songs and ‘BOOM

My bus met an accident…

My friends are seriously injured. My best friend’s hand is broken and doctor said that there is something wrong with her backbone, so she can never stand. Her wish was to become a dancer but unfortunately she can never be.

I have my left leg broken and my head is continuously bleeding as I crashed into a seat handle.

I hope that everything becomes alright and some miracles happen so that my friend could at least stand…

Why do we get Hated…

Hey guys, waddup? Today I’m going to talk about why we get hate.

Hope you like it…

Reason #1  Jealously

Reason #2 Because they Misunderstood you

 Reason #3 You remind them of their failure

Reason #4 You remind them of what they lack

Reason #5 You remind them about their horrible past

Reason #6 They don’t feel safe around you

Reason #7 They think you are a threat

Reason #8 Because you have something they don’t have

Reason #9 Because they don’t have anything else to do

Reason #10 Because they don’t have the opportunity and excitement in their lives like yours


Cruelty against animals…

Hi guys, how’s the day going on? I hope it’s great.

I got an assignment to write a speech on cruelty against animals/birds, so I decided to share my thoughts.

Hope you like it…

I will be talking about animal abuse.

I decided to discuss about dogs and cats abuse and cruelty.

As you all know that animal abuse is common nowadays, people kill, hurt and abuse animals.

Abused cats have been beaten and even killed. A cat was burned to death by a teenager.

I also read about 2 teens who killed 17 cats in total.

Even dogs have been abused. A man threw 5 puppies into an outhouse hole. Fortunately, someone passing by heard the pitiful whining of the puppies and rescued them.

There are agencies and people who help to rescue abandoned and abused dogs. These include SPCA, meaning Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animal Aid and The City of Barrington Animal Control ByLaw Officers.

All living things have a right to live on this earth, but, we, very often become totally insensitive to their pain, only because animals cannot speak our language, only because they don’t have a voice.

God wanted a place of peace, so he created humans, animals and birds.

The cruelty these fellow animals have to go through, is well known.

I hope you all are not included in the animal abuse crime.

Please stop people who abuse animals.

It is not too late, L.E.T  U.S  T.O.G.E.T.E.R  P.L.E.D.G.E  T.O  M.A.K.E  A  D.F.F.E.R.E.N.C.E

These are my thoughts on animal abuse.

I hope you liked it.

Have a nice day and God bless…

Our Abnormal Lives…

Hey guys, wadup? Today is the first day I’m posting twice a day!

I decided to talk to you about our feelings. 

Guys, you know we all have feelings, and we all are treated wrong with people who we treat right? Ain’t we?Be honest and ask yourself, I know you are.

I am always in a confusing situation about who is right for me.

I have 2 best friends, but I don’t feel secure and free with them. I feel caught up and insecure. But I’m more secure and free with other girls.

And guys I understand you, that’s why I pour down my feelings in my posts and share with you.

I know many of you won’t be liking my blog but two people can look at the same thing differently. All I can say is ‘Do what you feel right, do what pleases you.’

Guys, life is like a roller coaster, it’s your choice to enjoy the ride or scream.

And I keep on saying that do not break someone’s heart who trusts you. You know how it feels when you’re treated wrong. Treat world like you want to be treated. But you always don’t get what you deserve, so keep trying till you get it.

My motto for true friends is, ‘Be true to me or be far from me, it’s your choice.’

Find people who are like you, not like people who keep on hurting you. 

I don’t post things that I think is wrong, and it’s your choice to follow it or not.

It’s enough for today. Sorry for boring you. Hahaha

Enjoy your lives and don’t forget to smile…

My new novel!!! Hope you’d like it, but for now I’ve only posted a summary…

Hey! Wadup guys? How’s your day going on? Today I thought to share with ya all, the summary of my new novel, which I’ve even not completed writing….

But please share me your reviews and what you think of it..


My way of writing, I use 2 dictionaries, one diary and one Scholastic dictionary of synonyms, antonyms and homonyms…

Laura, a 14-year-old girl is curious to know the possibility behind a mysterious case. And her brother Mike, a 16-year-old helps her. The case is about a man who went missing after he went for a morning walk. 

Laura and her family goes out for a trip and Laura is on her mind to solve the mystery…

Now guys, if you have any suggestions and idea to add or make up my story, please comment:D.

Thank you and have a nice day

Daily Prompt: Hike for Life!

via Daily Prompt: Hike

Hiking gives us pleasure and is beneficial for health. We leave out tension, work lodes and actually feel free.

In 2015, I went hiking with my friends. I was pleasured by the beauty and got to know more about nature. The hiking provided us a lot of physical and mental exercises.

India is full of beautiful beautiful hiking sites. I was amazed by the beauty of India, I lived in India from my childhood and never knew that India could be so beautiful.  Image result for parvati parvat

We went hiking to Parvati Parvat. Our trip was completely planned. Our group was made up of 6 friends, 4 boys and 2 girls. We decided to visit The Christ Church in the Ridge Shimla by local bus. The Christ Church is beautiful inside-out.Image result for the christ church shimla

Our next destination was Jakhn Temple which is located 2 km away from the Ridge. The Temple was built where Hanuman (a Hindu-God) left his foot prints.We stayed at the temple for an hour and then had lunch at the famous Indian Coffee house.

We went to the Indrahar Pass Trek. It was very challenging. We enjoyed the hike!! Its maximum elevation was 5242 mt. We were hiking there for 7 days. Indrahar pass trek begins from Dharamsala in the Kangra valley and the present residence of the Dalai Lama. After crossing the Dhauladhar range it ends right in Lamu in the Ravi River Basin. The trek passes through deodar forests, wonderful landscapes and meandering mountain streams. The Lahesh cave, which is at the base of Indrahar pass, is also an attraction during this trek. Crossing some snow bridges one arrives at the Kuarsi valley. The trek ends in Chambha. We were just about to finish when one of our friend was fainting. We just stopped there and gave her some energy boosters. And after that we just made it! We know the challenging level and difficulty we had, but it was amazing to reach the top.

Then after having some break at the resort, we decided to walk down the mall. We brought many things for ourselves and then flew back to Maharashtra.

We enjoyed our trip a lot..

Our journey ends here…

Image result for the ridge shimla

I hope you liked it. Best wishes..

Daily Prompt: Together we can do the impossible!!!

Daily Prompt: Togethervia Daily Prompt: Together

Hi guys, Wadup?? Today lets talk about our families, friends and our relations. Guys, I know you all have families, friends and relations. Now, tell me that even though you are with your family, do u feel that you are together? Maybe NO!!! Because many families have divorces, and are not happy with it. And friends are not supportive and we don’t feel that togetherness because we are sometimes not able to express our feeling. Are we?? I’m not. And also we are busy in our mobile phones and lappy that we are not together with our family as we sit together but don’t talk, but instead use our electronics.

Nowadays togetherness is not just a term for being together but also keeping each others company. People live together just for the sake of words, but family members fight with each other. I never lived with my parents from when I’m small, I live with my grandparent and my mommy’s brother (uncle) and his wife (aunt). And there is always fight regarding me in the family, my aunt is always fighting with my grandparents because she doesn’t want me to stay with them. Now you see that I have a family, but there is not togetherness. And I’m always disappointed by her acts. togetherness-quotes-quotesgram

And even I have many dreams to find my true love. And I love Justin Bieber. I want to be with him. I want us to be together. I will never leave his side. Guys, when you decide to  be with someone, never leave his side. Always be with him/her. Stand for them.

So, all I can say is to be together guys, and make people happy. Never hurt people who need and deserve you. Get smile on faces. Never leave people who you love.


My Life as a BELIEBER!

Hey! How’s life going guys?? Hope you all are doing great in your life and walking towards success. But you know guys, my life is all different from yours, all different.

My life, my world. Made me smile in worst days, and the only person who makes me smile and cry together.

Guys, My life is all about a boy, a boy who is flawless and perfect, a boy who used to smile no matter what, a boy who has smile that only heaven could make.

He is my only love, my first and last love. I love him a lot. My life is dedicated to him.

He is my Kidrauhl.

He is my Justin.

I remember how he became a part of my life. I am an Indian, and I never lived with my parents. I am living with my grandparents and my momma’s bro and his wife. As I am Indian, I was never into Hollywood, not even a bit. I did not know even a single Hollywood celebrity. But one day I was going through all the songs in my computer, and then I came across a song ‘Boyfriend’. I thought that the title seems cool and I should try a Hollywood song for once. I played the video and I was amazed by the look of Justin Bieber. The way he danced, the way he looked, the way he sang was just amazing. And I never thought that a boy could ever be so flawless and perfect.

Then I thought to check his biography on net. I saw his images, his songs, his biography and albums.

Then I started listening to many other artists and started watching English movies. I got to know Selena Gomez, Adele, One Direction and many more. But I couldn’t find anyone like Justin.

Then I started doing research on Justin’s past life and his relationships. I got to know about him a lot. I started reading facts about him.

Then that day came when I was mad for him. I was knowing everything about him. I couldn’t imagine a Life without him.

And yeah, I was only 10 years old when I became a Belieber. I’m a Belieber from 2014.

I want to tell you about a special day. I was just wondering about Justin, and suddenly I got an idea of becoming an official Belieber. But I was thoughtless about how I’d get the official Belieber’s Id card. So I managed to download some Justin Bieber’s Official Id card images. Then I installed an app called ‘Text on Images’. Then all I did was filled the card with the help of the app, took the print-out and laminated it.

My Belieber Id-card…

 Now I was so happy that I stated showing my Id-card to everyone, and everyone were getting mad about how I got it.

I was so happy that day.

And I was always bullied as I was a Belieber. People used to say that Justin is a gay and doesn’t know how to sing. But all I did was shout at them or tell them that there are more than 18 people named Justin Bieber in the world and stayed cool. And there is nothing that bothers me about the haters because Justin and Beliebers know the truth and other’s opinion does not matter.

And now I started doing song challenges, facts challenges, and many other challenges with other Beliebers.

And now was the time when I met Directioners. I hated them like hell. They used to show off a lot. They did not know anything about 1D and showed as if they knew more than 1D knew about themselves.

And directioners used to tell me bad about Justin and I was just ignoring them like they were like dogs barking.

They once told me that Justin peed  in a mop bucket. But this time I was not quite, I told them that even Harry Styles peed on a plant and it was just taken as a joke and when Justin peed on a mop bucket then why is it taken as a huge-huge mistake as if he did murder of someone? Why is it that if someone else does a mistake, it is taken lightly and if the same mistake is done by Justin, it is taken as a crime? But I know him very well and he is a human, he can make mistakes like everyone else.

Justin smokes weed not because he is a bad person, but because of all the hate he gets from the haters. How would you all feel if the whole world will hate on you?? Try to understand him. But he is not alone in this hate. We are with him. We will go through the hate with him. And now his smile is fading away, he used to smile everytime when he was young, and now his smile is missing. I miss his smile. We Beliebers will bring back the Kidrauhl smile. I PROMISE.

So this is how my day passes thinking about Justin and fighting off haters.

Hope you liked it…

Best wishes…